Why Choose Music Education for a Career?

Musical teachers, whether for chorale or instruments nurture not only the minds of their students, but foster their innate creativity just waiting to be harnessed.

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How to Engage Students Through Music Education

Today’s student not only utilize traditional sheet music to learn to play a musical instrument, but music teachers have the option to employ advanced technologies for additional learning tools.

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Is an Online Course Right for Me?

Online graduate programs provide quality education, student peer interaction, and the flexibility and convenience required in today’s hectic world.

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Salary Outlook for MM ME Graduates

The career path options and accompanying salary for a graduate with a Master of Music Education.

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Master of Education versus a Master of Music in Music Education

Explore the similarities and differences between a Master of Education and a Master of Music in Music Education degree, and which is suitable to your educational needs.

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Jobs for Music Education Graduates

When the art of teaching comes together with music, teachers and students benefit emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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