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How to Become a Private Music Teacher

March 1, 2019

The value of music education encompasses both the emotional and cultural impact of experiencing music and the way that learning music enhances our brains. Research suggests that learning to play an instrument can enhance someone’s mental acuity and ability to retain information. This research, as well as the experiences of… Read more >

Why Get a Master of Music in Music Education Degree?

May 14, 2018

As the National Association for Music Education points out, music education is not just a study of music or education, it is also the study of people, places, and cultures. For this reason, music educators come from all varieties of professional, cultural, and educational backgrounds. Although master’s degrees can offer… Read more >

MMME Graduate Finds Success as Scholar and College Instructor

August 14, 2017

Music instructor and clarinetist Michelle Lucia-Ingle’s research on using software applications to learn, teach and play clarinet has taken her from the University of Florida’s online Master’s in Music Education program to the Thompson Symposium at Penn State University to the pages of the International Clarinet Association’s journal The Clarinet—and… Read more >

Student Story: Mary Witaszek

June 11, 2016

Mary Witaszek discusses faculty involvement in her education and how she immediately applied what she learned to her classroom teaching.   The fact that this program was online was definitely the biggest reason I chose the program – because I did not want to take off time teaching. I like teaching too… Read more >

Student Story: Jason Longtin and Chasity Smith

June 9, 2016

Graduates Jason Longtin and Chasity Smith discuss the power of the program’s distinctive online learning environment, which included sharing blogs with fellow students.   The program has completely transformed the way I think about teaching, the way I think about education. There are skills that I have learned in this program… Read more >

Student Applies MMME Education to Real World and Garners Real-World Rewards

June 8, 2016

Katherine Powell, a student in the online Master of Music in Music Education (MMME) program, and her pupils at Molino Park Elementary School already are reaping the benefits of the teacher’s advanced music education from the University of Florida. The Escambia County School District, Pensacola, Fla., recently honored Powell with… Read more >

Student Story: Melody Kneezel

June 7, 2016

Melody Kneezel discusses the benefits of graduating from a highly-regarded music education program; building lasting connections with classmates; and balancing work, school and family.   The curriculum is actually the best part of this program. It was unbeatable. I can’t imagine having learned anything better than what I learned. I was… Read more >

Student Story: Kendra Gannaway and Martha Lavender

June 6, 2016

Graduates Kendra Gannaway and Martha Lavender discuss how learning from both world-class faculty and classmates with diverse music backgrounds transformed their lives.   A lot of our assignments are teaching applications, where we take activities and we actually try them with our students. My students have absolutely loved being my students… Read more >

The Evolution of Musical Tools

February 9, 2016

If you grew up before the iPod was invented, you may remember the decline of cassette players and record players, the latter of which is currently experiencing increased popularity as more people turn to vinyl for a revival of sound quality and the tactile experience of music enjoyment. This infographic… Read more >